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xEpan is new technology CMS/CRM/ERP designed by actual web developers for real web developers. Epan Comes in two flavors, If you are a geek, go with our community edition but for everyone, we suggest the hosted version that is just in cost of any other hosting service and gives you a lot more.

Enterprise edition/
Hosted Service

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Epan is offered and promoted as Hosted service as it gives you lot more benefits in your existing hosting cost.

Includes Hosting

No need to worry about dependencies and server management. Epan Hosted service comes under competitive hosting plans

Updates code

Hosted service is always with stable updated code. Any bug or feature request is quickly implemented in hosted services.

Instant Setup

Need your website/online store quickly, Hosted service is all setup and ready to go.

Premium themes

Hosted service comes with a number of premium templates ready to use.

Official Support

Hosted service users get official support for their website in terms of development and how tos quickly.

Community VERSION 0.9

Download Now

Epan is totally open source and you can download and install it your own server with our community support.

Open source limitations

xEpan Open source version is a complete package of everything without ACL facility.

Free online builder

xEpan is free and can be installed in premises without any limitations. current version 0.9.

Community support

Any open source user will get full support in using and installing xEpan with our rich community support system.

No credit card needed

Yes, you don't need credit card to download even, Just register and download recent stable version.

Regular updates

We regularly releases stable versions, new features and patches to make you updated with the industry.

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Epan Hosted service is your fastest way to use our free online web builder tool and cloud ecommerce and get your website or ecommerce started within minutes.


Best Open Source webbuilder

Epan provides you a number of features and benefits over similar products

  • Available number of templates to go instantly
  • Update HTML/CSS when and as required
  • Highly customization
  • Convert any HTML template to Drag and Drop website with live editing features

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Online Store Builder

Need simple or complex ecommerce setup, Epan is always ready to do what you wants

  • Unlimited products
  • Highly customized Rate charts
  • Discount coupons
  • Manage offline/traditional commerce also with your online commerce
  • Quote to cash system
  • Complete Accounting
  • Ready with 30+ payment gateways

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Best CRM/ERP Behind

Epan is way more than simple Drag and drop website and online store builder. It is a powerful manager behind. Epan is equipped to make your staff more productive and has unique ability to give strength to your managers.

  • Complete HR
  • Manage staff works and task with reminders
  • Marketing with schedules newsletter and tele-calling management
  • Unique communication history
  • Provide strong support system for your customers
  • Centralized Email System
  • Strong ACL
  • Production chain system, job card for departments on order approval

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We have growing Epan Templates, here are a few most popular ones

What are you waiting for?

Epan is your one stop need for all your digital presence, selling and management. Our strong support is always there to get you done your work in proper manner. So, What you are waiting for, Register now to get started or download our community edition to play with.

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